CEATEC 2012 Innovation Award Winners Make Communication, Travel Easier

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The winners are in for the most innovative companies displaying products at CEATEC Japan 2012, Asia’s biggest tech show. Some of the winners include technology aimed to make communicating and traveling more enjoyable.

Japan is synonymous with state-of-the-art technology, and many of the major electronics brands are headquartered here. Every year the brands we know best converge at CEATEC (Cutting-edge IT and Electronics Comprehensive Exhibition) to show off what’s new.

The Tech Report, along with several other U.S. publications, were invited to the event to serve as judges for the Innovation awards.

Among the winners this year were Sharp with its “Moth Eye” TV technology featuring anti-glare screen technology with bolder colors to make TV watching easier on the eyes. The company named the technology after the bug because they say it’s inspired by the insect.

In the transportation category, Nissan’s prototype, all-electric NSC-2015 LEAF took home the prize. This LEAF not only drives itself but autonomously parks and charges itself wireless over charging pad. And, to keep all this tech safe from thieves, the auto manufacturer equipped the car with an omni-directional camera system. We got in the car and took a test drive – and no one was behind the wheel!

Also making life easier is NTT Dococo’s translation app, which took home the software and grand prize. The app from the Japanese phone service provider lets users have a real-time conversation with someone speaking a different language – in person or over the phone.

The translation app also takes advantage of the camera to translate signs into Japanese. Come November 1, the app will be available free of charge for Docomo customers. Additional languages like French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai are slated to be added later that month.

Taking home an innovation award is so important to the companies at CES, especially since the U.S. judges are looking for products that will do well in the United States. After years of dominating the market, Japanese electronics makers are feeling the squeeze from newly crowned heavyweights of tech like Apple and Samsung. And, while CEATEC’s show floor is still primarily a sea of Japanese companies, there were newcomers like Huawei from China and Tosy from Vietnam staking a claim on the showfloor.

Overall, we saw a lot of great innovation and although a lot of what we saw were concepts and prototypes, hopeful a lot of the technology will make it to the U.S.

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