Paul Ryan gets pass from hunting activist groups

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JANESVILLE, WI – You know the saying: those who choose to ignore history are doomed to repeat it. For some, that’s not always the case. Remember this lady?

She’s been the butt of jokes for years. None more popular than those associated with her hobby as a hunter.

If you’re a republican vice presidential candidate, it’s best to keep your past times to yourself, especially if they involve killing animals. Otherwise you’re sure to have every watchdog group in America barking up your tail.

So you knew what was coming when this photo made the rounds.

But alas, so far Paul Ryan has gotten little to no criticism for his hobby as a hunter. Nary a question from reporters during a stop to buy hunting gear for his daughter in front of a full court press.

So why is it that Ryan gets a pass from all those watchdog media groups and four years later, Sarah Palin still doesn’t?

Kyle Dekay, a Houston area weapons specialist says simply, “from a pure comedy perspective, it’s probably easier to make fun of a woman hunting than it is to make fun of a man hunting.”

Turns out the devil aren’t always in the details. For some folks, even those who preach equality from the highest bandstands, the idea of a man hunting is still more acceptable than that of a woman.

And the result is only an inch short of a double-standard.

So before you open your trap with another one of those Sarah-Palin-caribou jokes, maybe ask yourself why it’s so funny. You may be the one in need of a lesson on equality.

Of course, anything’s better than hunting with Dick Cheney.