U.S. economy looks different to men & women

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LINCOLN, NE – Did you realize how you look at the economy could depend on whether you have a pee-pee or a hoohah?

Seriously, men and women economists view things differently.

65% of female economists, when asked if the government regulates too much, said ‘no,’ while 59% of men said ‘yes, we’re way over-regulated.’

This University of Nebraska survey also found they differ on health insurance. Only 21% of male economists think companies should be forced to provide health insurance for full-time employees. But 40% of female economists think so. That’s probably because women have more medical issues to deal with like mammograms, pelvic checks, speculum exams, pap smears– all of which cause men to stick their fingers in their ears and say, “Lalalalalalala…”

The survey shows the sexes agree on a few issues, though: Europe is way too regulated, Walmart is a good thing (really?!) and military spending is much too high.

The biggest difference between economic dudes and dames? 76% of women say job opportunities as an economist favor men, while 80% of men say they favor women or are pretty much even. No big surprise there. The “other guy” always has an unfair advantage, right?

What’s this all prove? When it comes to relations between men and women, it’s like that old Dave Mason song says: “There’s only you and me, and we just disagree.”