Tanning beds contribute to 170,000 cases of skin cancer per year

Tanning is bad for you… No duh!!

For decades we`ve been told to slather on sun screen, and warned of the harm those rays can cause.

But who listens?

Now, a study by UC San Francisco shows that those tanning beds, some people considered to be safer than the sun… just aren’t! Dr. Valencia Thomas of UT Health Dermatology said: “Before, we thought tanning beds were the same as the sun, or no worse than the sun, but now we`re finding that the tanning beds more efficiently cause skin cancer.”

The study says indoor tanning every year causes 170,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer.  Those most at risk, people under 25, are most likely the people who are most drawn to it because they want to look good!

Thomas said: “So it`s part of fashion and it can look good but if one knew how destructive this practice can be later on in life, that it can actually be life threatening, and actually disfiguring and accelerate aging and wrinkling and a lot of other unwanted side effects, then if you had that magic mirror to look in the future, you would know to stay away from unnecessary sun.”

Just ask the Tanning Mom! Oh wait, maybe she`s not such a good example. She actually thinks she looks good. You see, the skin tans because it`s damaged.

Thomas explained: “Once you get a tan, it means that your body has seen fit to give you more pigment, because it`s being hurt, it needs to be protected more.”

Another down side to tanning booths.

Thomas said: “We`re seeing non-melanoma skin cancers in areas that we normally don`t see from the sun. Certain areas in the genital areas that are normally covered, so tanning can be quite harmful in ways that we really don`t expect.”

So don`t risk skin cancer, or even worse… looking like the Tanning Mom… Yikes!

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