Army Major Nidal Hasan will be forcibly shaved

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FORT HOOD, TX – Vidal Sassoon may be good for your hair, but it can’t protect Nidal Hasan’s beard during his murder trial.

The army major, accused of going on a shooting spree at Fort Hood killing 13 and hurting 32 others, is having a seriously bad beard day. A military appeals court ruled Hasan can be forcibly shaved for his trial because the judge considers it to be “disruptive.”

Hasan says his beard is required by his religion of Islam. While America’s all about protecting religious freedoms we don’t protect religious killing sprees! The judge ruled Hasan’s beard is not protected by law because he didn’t prove it was a “sincerely held religious belief.” So, it’s not like its facial discrimination.

Plus, the clean shave makes him look much less crazy.

After all those years in the army forcible shaving shouldn’t come as a shock to the guy!

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  • Dochaass

    It's about time! This has been nothing more than a delaying tactic. Get this monster tried, convicted, and SHOT by firing squad ASAP.

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