Everyone should learn perfume etiquette

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Not too many of us use the words perfume and etiquette in the same sentence, right? We think our fragrance will enhance our appearance at the same time that all who surround us enjoy the experience. Well, that’s not always true. We may be around people who do not like the perfume or cologne we are wearing. We could be sitting to someone at a restaurant who is asthmatic or allergic to our scent! How do we know how much perfume is too much or not enough?

Let’s discuss some perfume etiquette tips that will certainly help solve this dilemma, shall we?

Be very careful when applying perfume or cologne on your clothes. Even though your garments will hold on to your perfume scent, they can also get stained. Also, keep in mind that your piece of clothing does not have the chemicals that come out through your skin to interact with your fragrance; so you’ll smell like the perfume, but not your unique version of it. Sometimes we may want to use a different perfume or cologne and wear an item of clothing that smells differently – that could be a bummer when you have your heart set on wearing a certain outfit!