Man sells McJordan barbecue sauce on eBay for $10,000

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BISMARCK, ND – Do you remember the McJordan barbecue sauce from McDonald’s in the 90’s? A Bismarck, North Dakota man just made a killing off a 20-year-old gallon of the BBQ sauce.

Mort Bank used to own a McDonald’s franchise and saved the sauce after a Michael Jordan burger promotion in 1992.

He just sold it for almost $10,000 dollars on eBay.

Yep, 10 G’s for 20-year-old sauce. The winning bidder came from; guess where? Jordan country of course, Chicago.

Bank does have a warning for the buyer, he wouldn’t recommend eating it.

“I wouldn’t want to open it up and invite my friends over and say we’re going to celebrate and have some ribs with some 20 year old barbeque sauce,” said Banks. “It probably wouldn’t make me very popular with my friends or relatives.”

The McJordan sauce has an expiration date of December 8, 1992.

The unused, unopened, undamaged item was billed a once in a lifetime chance to own; the rarest of rare Michael Jordan and McDonald’s collectible.

Banks says he thinks this bottle of sauce is the last of its kind in existence.

Yeah, but is it worth 10 grand?