Brits claim they wash their hands, study proves them wrong

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LONDON, ENGLAND – Come on now, how many times did your mother tell you to wash your hands after you do your business and to use soap, not just wave your hands over the sink?

Global Hand Washing Day was on Oct. 15, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wash your hands the rest of the year. And here’s one reason: A study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Queen Mary, University of London, looked into fecal matter (that’s poop, to you),and found credit cards to be jumpin’ and jivin’ with the stuff.

As many as one out of every ten credit cards. And not just plastic money; but also about one in seven paper money-money. That’s 14%. But we probably touch our plastic more than we do our paper.

Of course, researchers did this study in England, where 91% of Brits claimed they washed their hands after using the loo.

Something tells us that we might have a similar situation, so do us all a favor will ya, and wash up.