Barnes & Noble customer data hacked

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NEW YORK, NY – Barnes & Noble has an early holiday gift for its customers. It’s called ‘identity theft’.

Barnes & Noble says hackers swiped the identities of customers at 63 stores in 9 states by tampering with the PIN pads at the cash registers. Texas is not one of them, though.

The company says each store had only one pin pad hacked, which allowed thieves to steal credit card and debit card information, and PIN numbers when customers used that pad.  Barnes & Noble says the ID theft was confined to stores and did not affect purchases on its website, or its Nook and Nook mobile apps, or at its Barnes & Noble College Bookstores.

Barnes & Noble has removed all the PIN pads from its stores and advises customers in the affected states to check their credit and bank statements for phony purchases, because the Grinch doesn’t have to wait ’till Christmas.