Colin Powell endorses President Obama, again

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NEW YORK, NY – President Obama’s re-election campaign picked up the endorsement of Colin Powell. The former secretary of state told ‘CBS This Morning’ he likes the President’s record on security and the economy.

The endorsement from the first African-American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is not a surprise. He endorsed Obama in 2008 in the run against Hillary Clinton.

And speaking of the secretary of state, she has a decision to make. Clinton has said her gig at State was over after Obama’s first term, but she suggested to the Wall Street Journal that she might stick around a bit longer, although she added that it was ‘unlikely.’

The President and first lady may be splitting. Yeah, this is very big.

Reporters spotted the president making a pre-dawn visit to a Tampa donut shop where he yukked it up with locals before walking out with four-dozen assorted donuts.

This probably frosted the first lady who’s been pushing to get Americans, especially kids, to eat more fruits and vegetables.

And that brings us to Halloween where the primary mission is the acquisition of lots and lots of candy. But before you do that, you need a costume, or at least a mask.

And the folks who sell masks say the Obama mask is outselling the Romney mask, but the ‘big’ seller now is Big Bird, thanks to Romney’s shout-out during one of the debates. Past presidential elections show the winner to be the one with the most popular mask. If so, we may be watching an upset in the making. But that will depend on who’s counting the votes.