Parents sue Chicago Board of Education over child’s abduction, rape

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CHICAGO, IL – Algebra, geometry, history–school is full of tough lessons.

Kidnapping and rape shouldn’t be on the lesson plan, but unfortunately it was for one 11-year-old girl in Chicago.

Back in May, the school bell rang and students at Chicago’s Cook Elementary School filed into their classrooms as usual, but one girl wasn’t there.

A man lurking outside lured the girl away from school, with the help of a bottle of booze.

These photos are of the actual ‘abduction’, snapped by the young girl`s teacher, who sat back and watched an 11-year-old girl leave school property with an unknown man.

“She didn’t call the police, she didn’t call an ambulance, she didn’t call the school security, she didn’t tell the principal, and she called the parents at 5 o’clock that night,” said Family Attorney Jeff Deutschman.

Can you guess what happened next?

The girl was raped.

She survived, but is severely traumatized.

So her family has slapped the Chicago Board of Education with a lawsuit, seeking a minimum of $50,000 in damages.

They could get much more if the judge rules in their favor.

Meanwhile, parents of other children are outraged because they were never told about the abduction.

“I think that it is really, really horrible that something like that happened in the neighborhood, and being a parent of a 13 year-old daughter, I’m surprised that we were not notified in the neighborhood that something like this was going on,” said Davetta Williams.

“For this to occur right outside of the school is unthinkable, but the fact that it occurred, and was seen by a teacher and allowed to happen…that’s the problem with the case,” said Deutschman.

It’s an outrageous case, with an even more outrageous ending: The teacher in question still works at the school.

What a great example to learn from.