World’s narrowest house not for the claustrophobic

WARSAW, POLAND – Sometimes size does matter; especially in real estate. For example this two story house in downtown Warsaw, Poland. It has one bed, one bath and a small kitchen.

Oh, by the way the entire flat is narrow only four feet wide.

The ‘ground floor’ is 10 feet off terra firma and is only accessible by stairs. The kitchen, bathroom and a bean bag sofa reside on this floor. To access the upper floor, just climb the metal ladder. Upstairs you’ll find a table, a chair and a double sized bed.

Clearly this house is not for suited for the handicapped, obese or claustrophobic though the ‘narrow minded’ may fit. But that wasn’t the goal of architect Jakub Szczensy.

His aluminum and plastic abode was designed to fill an empty city space by linking the pre-World War 2 building on one side with the modern building on the other. Mission accomplished.

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