New homes in NC built on toxic land

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WAKE FOREST, NC – Think you’re having a bad day?  It probably won’t compare to some folks in Wake Forest, North Carolina who found out their relatively new homes are built on toxic land.

What’s worse, the state’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources knew about the problem but said informing residents wasn’t a ‘top priority.’

Wait, it gets even worse. The water residents have been using for the last six years is contaminated with a carcinogen. When we say ‘using’ we mean drinking, showering and bathing among other things.

This cancer causing compound is T-C-E… Tri-chloro-ethylene.  It’s a toxic, cheap and effective cleaner used to remove grease and if exposed to it can remove your good health.

It’s been shown to cause leukemia, breast, kidney and lung cancers; though there’s been no confirmation that any of the residents’ illnesses are TCE related… at least not yet.

Some people complain about the government intruding in our lives… ironically, no intrusion was necessary here. These heartless slackers just needed to do their jobs.