NAACP members complain of long lines at polling place

HOUSTON, TX – Green Acres is the place to be, and Acres Homes is the place to scream. Especially if you happen to be one of the many who showed up to vote early on Friday, but couldn’t! This is a classic “he said she said” situation, so we’ll try to keep it quick.

County officials and poll watchers are saying people from the NAACP showed up at the Acres Homes polling station Friday night, with shirts advocating for President Barack Obama (a no-no in voterville). Reports say the NAACP started passing out bottled water, complaining about the long lines and wait times for disabled and elderly voters, and tried moving those voters to the front of the lines.

Assistant County Attorney, Doug Ray, says his office got a complaint from the NAACP members but when two attorneys from his office went to check it out everything seemed to be on the up and up. The NAACP has stayed fairly quiet about the whole thing, but Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee wasn’t going to miss a second in the spotlight.

She spoke at a press conference reiterating that voters who have any problems, like the ones the NAACP experienced at the Acres Homes polling place, should call the Department of Justice. Other officials have weighed in too.

State Rep Sylvester Turner is encouraging voters in acres homes, and across the nation, to “exercise your democratic right to vote and not allow anyone to intimidate or prevent you from voting.”

Sometimes, easier said than done.

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