Man sets ex-girlfriend’s house on fire

HOUSTON, TX – It definitely sucks being dumped.

But it’s important to keep your crazy in-check, even when it feels like the one you love is ripping your heart in half. Because otherwise, this happens:  your mug shot ends-up on the news and you end up grieving in jail, instead of your bed.

Houston Arson Investigators arrested 34-year-old Tadrick Goodman after he allegedly admitted to setting his former girlfriend’s house on fire in east Houston. At least Goodman said she was his former girlfriend.

The intended victim says he was just a stalker.

“Just somebody I knew from the neighborhood, basically had just been kind of stalking me,” says Tanisha Watson.

The good news is nobody got hurt, but the house sustained about $20,000 in damage.

“I’m dealing with feelings on the inside and now I have to leave my house. It’s hard,” says Watson.

Now Goodman is being held without bail. Bet he’s really in the dumps now.

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