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Man steals gas, catches on fire

MESA, AZ – We all know to stop, drop and roll if we’re on fire. But some people add “run” to the list.

The man in the video is accused of siphoning gasoline with this motorized pump. It could have gone from dumb to deadly when he went up in flames. Check out the surveillance tape!

“He was all burnt up,” said neighbor Mitch Drum.

It gets worse, or better, depending on how you look at it. When the truck that he was accused siphoning gas into catches on fire, he jumps out while it’s still moving!

“He gets up and runs off,” said Drum.

The truck kept going, and smashed into a house, causing the garage to catch fire.

Not surprisingly, the suspect didn’t get far. Drum chased after the suspect, but it was the police who nabbed him. Now the suspect’s in the hospital with burns and is expected to survive.

His suspected life of crime, however, needs to die off.

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