Can blood type determine personality?

JAPAN – The Japanese are into sushi and human blood.  There’s a popular belief in Japan that blood type determines personality traits. According to this approach, whether you are type A, B, AB, or O you are destined to behave in certain ways. It’s like the horoscope, but way more dangerous.

This creed suggests type A people are “earnest, creative, sensible, reserved, patient, responsible, stubborn and tense”. Type B people are “wild, active, doer and passionate”.  Type AB are “cool, controlled, rational, sociable and adaptable”. And Type O are “confident, self-determined and optimistic”.

Japanese scientists say this is pure superstition echoing old-time-racist-theories; however this “blood-ology” is already part of the nation’s pop-culture. Match-making sites give advice based on blood types, an Olympic baseball team was trained according to its players’ blood types and even Wikipedia in Japanese includes celebrities’ blood types. But wait for this: candidates are asked about their blood type in job interviews. Go figure. Our take on this: if you’re going through an identity crisis don’t cut yourself to see what your blood tells you about it… go see a therapist instead.

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