Election 2012 goes social

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USA – The election is over! Now it’s time to laugh again…at some of the most outrageous tweets!

Most dramatic goes to…’The Donald’:

“This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!”

Hugh Hefner got in on the action: “While I was playing dominoes with the girls, we got the news that Obama had been re-elected. We’re celebrating at the mansion.”

Leave it to comedian Daniel Tosh to say what everyone was thinking: “Good luck today Florida! Try not to pull a ‘Florida’.”

All jokes and silliness aside, the Top Tweet went to Barack Obama’s ‘Four More Years’ featuring a picture of him hugging it out with the First Lady.

With more than 414,000 re-tweets, it is now the most popular tweet of all time!

Meanwhile, a recent Pew study on U.S. elections finds social media postings about the candidates have been ‘relentlessly negative’–especially to Mitt Romney.

The political cauldron boiled over on Facebook–18% of users have unfriended or blocked someone online over politics.

If you’re still hungover from all the election hype, you can do your ‘unfriending’ on November 17th–‘National Unfriend Day’.

Ugh! This is exhausting, people!

Can’t we just go back to seeing pictures of your kids, and what you ate for lunch?