Houston polling station oddities

HOUSTON, TX – “Houston, we have a problem.” Well, at least one Houston voter has a problem–with the way she was treated on Election Day.

Lois Mendez says when she arrived to cast her vote at the ‘Mountain Top Ministries’ on the corner of Almeda Genoa and Monroe, not only was there no handicapped parking spaces–there was no ramp to the door.

“The people inside saw me having a problem, they came out and they go ‘oh, we had a ramp but someone stole it,'” said Mendez.

Mendez says the poll workers then asked her if she could just ‘walk inside and vote.’ Then, they offered to bring a booth out to her in the parking lot.

“And I said that’s not the point. I should be able to vote as a normal person.”

Mendez says she got upset, and started telling other voters she was being discriminated against, and the cops were called.

“And told me I could vote outside in the parking lot, go home or go to jail.”

She ended up going home to get her own ramp and voted.

You know, maybe this whole voting process would be better if we could all just go somewhere everybody knows your name.

Well, that’s exactly what some Houston voters got to do.

Their polling location is in their neighbor’s garage!

“Convenience. It’s close but also I know all the people running the booth so it`s sort of comfortable to be here,” said first time voter, Sam Burkett.

Real comfortable, apparently!

“People just come up, and earlier we had someone come up with their three large dogs,” said Poll workers Ann Garnett & Joanne Broadsky.

No lines, friendly neighbors, dogs–sounds ruff!

“If everyone else in Washington could work as well as we do together, there would be no problems.”

Amen to that!

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