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Legendary UT football coach Darrell Royal dies

AUSTIN, TX – Longhorns around the world are mourning a Royal death in Texas.

Darrell Royal, the football coach who brought three national championships to Austin, died at the age of 88.

Earlier this year, Royal announced that he had Alzheimer’s Disease and that he and his wife Edith had created a research fund to fight the disease.

Royal began his university of Texas career in 1957 by taking a team that had one victory the previous year to the Sugar Bowl.

In 20 years, Royal never had a losing season while winning 11 Southwest Conference championships and national championships in 1963, 1969, and 1970.

The 1969 title came after winning what is known as ‘The Big Shootout’ by going to Arkansas and coming from behind to win by one point. President Nixon and Congressman George H.W. Bush were at that game. Afterward, Nixon presented the national championship plaque to Royal on national TV.

Darrell Royal retired at the age of 52 and spent the rest of his life as a living legend in a land of legends and heroes.

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