Anti-Muslim filmmaker sentenced to year in prison

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CALIFORNIA – Remember that little indie film, Innocence of Muslims, which sparked riots across the globe? The amazingly ignorant filmmaker behind the problematic production has been sentenced to a year in prison by a Federal Judge in Southern California.

Mark Youssef isn’t going to jail for his incredible level of intolerance, poor judgment or immature editing skills because, legally, judges just can’t do that. He’s spending the next year in the pokey after allegedly admitting to four probation violations, including lying to his probation office, and using a phony name.

He requested he be allowed to serve the sentence in home confinement because he’s not too popular among…well, anyone. The U.S. District Court Judge said too bad, so sad though!

So, he’ll spend the next 12 months behind bars. The four years after that he’ll be under supervised release.

With international tension on the rise, 5 years without hearing from Mark Youssef sounds like a pretty good idea.