High School Band takes Obama, Romney and Big Bird skit too far

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Beaumont’s Central Medical Magnet High School marching band delivered some fancy footwork during half time at a recent game.

The show featured band members dressed as Obama, Romney, and yes…even Big Bird.

The performance was made to look like a dance off between Obama and Romney.

Then big bird showed up and knocked Romney out!

But some viewers thought the performance went too far and complained to the Beaumont Independent School District administrators who held a meeting about the whole thing.

The board didn’t seem too concerned about it and said, “The intentions of the band and band director were to raise awareness of voting and not support any candidate.”

There are no plans to discipline the participants in any way but the board did instruct campus administrators to “examine how students plan to express their creativity as it relates to political rhetoric.”

Hey, compared to all the other mudslinging nonsense of the election, this was a march in the park.