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Nor’easter brings cold temps, rain & wind

THE NORTHEAST – Just when the northeast thought it was safe to take the gloves off, here comes round two!

There’s a whole lot of snow, rain and wind courtesy of a nor’easter that moved in. But many of you may be wondering what a nor’easter actually is. According to CNN meteorologist, Rob Marciano, a nor’easter is typically a weak storm that makes its way across the U.S. When it gets a little bit of energy from the jet stream, and then moves toward the coast—the difference in temperature between the land and ocean gives the storm a bit fuel for the fire. But there’s no fire, just a whole lot of snow, rain and wind.

But there’s no need to panic. Weather forecasters say this nor’easter is a moderate one, and that the area gets several of these each winter. The timing just really sucks, though because most of the northeast is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy.

The storm wasn’t good news for airlines either. Thousands of flights into the Big Apple were cancelled.

We’re still not officially into the winter season, but we have a feeling it’s going to be a long one this year!

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