Pakistanis furious over Obama’s re-election

KARACHI, PAKISTAN – A truck filled with more than 220 pounds of explosives rammed into the wall of a paramilitary complex in Karachi, Pakistan, killing no one, but injuring 21 and put a big ol’ hole in the wall.

So, with terrorists running around the country, and with all the other stuff happening, you would think the Pakistanis would have more to worry about than our presidential elections.

But you would be wrong.

Pakistanis were not jumping for joy like Obama supporters in Chicago, but they weren’t setting their hair on fire, like some students at Ole Miss.

Here’s what some Pakistanis had to say:

“No, I was not happy before, nor now.”

“No, not really. Same. Same policy, no different.”

“Whoever comes, Pakistan has to suffer.”

At some point, you might think the Pakistanis will stop blaming Uncle Sam or Mother Nature for their problems.

But then, you would be . . .

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