World’s worst airline fails at online booking

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – The world’s worst airline, North Korea’s Air Koryo, now offers passengers crazy enough to fly with them the opportunity to book their flight via the internet. Brilliant idea, huh?

Air Zimbabwe and Ryan Air are two of 29 airlines in the world that are considered bad, meaning they receive a 2 star rating.  But Air Koryo is the only airline in the world to have a one star rating, scary. One reason for the rating is the fleet of planes, which until recently were solely vintage Soviet- era. Vintage is great in furniture and clothing but not in airplanes.

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un must’ve taken the hint, because he recently bought two new ultra- modern aircraft. Now he just needs to get his techs to debug the website of slow responses and error messages. And while they’re at it, install a credit card payment option. These days no one wants to deal with an international wire transfer.

That’s some of the bad, but here’s the good news about flying Air Koryo. The leader makes sure you always have something to read; like the government run newspaper.