Woman Ordered by Judge to Wear Idiot Sign

Some people make the most out of a traffic jam.

Others, like one Cleveland, Ohio woman, break the law instead.

Shena Hardin, 32, is a not-so-smooth criminal after driving her car up a driveway and down a sidewalk just to avoid stopping behind a school bus.

Hardin didn’t make it very far before being busted by the cops.

So, she went to court.

Despite having a cop as a witness and being caught on video, Hardin pled not guilty.

The judge ordered Hardin to stand at an intersection for two days sporting a sign that reads: ONLY AN IDIOT DRIVES ON THE SIDEWALK TO AVOID A SCHOOL BUS.

She also got her license suspended for 30 days.

Hopefully Hardin is humilated to the point where she won’t pull this sidewalk stunt ever again.

Here’s your sign.

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