Closing arguments begin in Jessica Tata case

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HOUSTON, TX – As much of Houston waits for the verdict in one of the most disturbing trials of the year, the four babies who lost their lives are the ones who really deserve justice.

Monday morning was closing time for Jessica Tata’s case at the Harris County Courthouse. The defense spent closing arguments trying to convince jurors one last time that the stove, or the fridge, or any other home appliance may have been responsible for the death of the four children in her home daycare.

Tata’s lawyer says the prosecution hasn’t proven beyond a reasonable doubt that when Tata left her house in February to go shopping the stove, that is believed to be responsible for starting the house fire, was actually on.

The prosecution talked about the stuff many have been thinking from the beginning… who else is to blame if not for the caretaker who left the children alone?

Now it’s up to the jury.

Wonder if it’ll take them longer to make up their minds than it did for us to make up ours?!