Lance Armstrong steps down from Livestrong board

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AUSTIN, TX – Throw out the yellow bracelets, because the idea of “living strong” just isn’t what it used to be. Lance Armstrong has officially cut formal ties with his cancer-fighting charity, Livestrong, after the whole doping debacle.

Is it because if you’re a doper, you don’t care about finding a cure for cancer? Well, no.

Just about a month after resigning as chairman from the charity he founded, Lance reportedly stepped down from the Livestrong board of directors to spare the organization any “negative effects” resulting from the way his controversial cycling career ended.

So, after being stripped of his titles, banned from cycling for life and publicly shamed Lance is left with just his memories. Which, from his recent post on Twitter, doesn’t seem like such a bad break.

Lance Tweeted a picture of himself, looking oh so comfortable, lounging in his home checking out all 7 Tour De France jerseys hanging on his wall.

We’re curious to know if Lance will be so smug when and if he does end up having to pay back all that prize money from his seven Tour De France victories, at which time he will have to re-learn the meaning of “live strong!”