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Man of God takes bite out of colleagues ear

PERTH, AUSTRALIA – A holy war erupted way down under, but its bloody outcome won’t fall on deaf ears. Two retired catholic priests from Perth, Australia got into some fisticuffs over a parking spot. It ended when one of the holymen allegedly “Holyfield’ed” the ear off the other.

80-year-old Father Thomas Henry Byrne squared off with 81-year-old Father Thomas Joseph Cameron Smith. Collars were ruffled outside a housing complex for retired priests when both of the clergy claimed the same parking space. With plenty of god smack left in these two geezers, the bible thumpers pummeled each other until Smith’s ear lobe was lacerated.

Father Byrne then told Father Smith to pick up his fallen flesh from off of the ground and stick it in his pocket for safe keeping. Smith was taken to the hospital in hopes that his ear can be saved. Byrne, on the other hand, was charged with grievous bodily harm and awaits another court date next month.

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