Teacher dresses as sexy French maid for students

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Here’s a little motivation to make the grade. A teacher in Guangxi, China promised her class that she would dress up as a sexy French maid if her students “scored” in the top of their class for the monthly exam. No surprise, they hit the books and scored a glimpse of the teacher in her costume. Oh la la!

Before you judge some are saying she should get an A for effort. Especially, considering what has gone on here in the United States. Just last summer 178 Atlanta teachers were found guilty of cheating in 44 schools. This triggered a domino effect and nationwide investigation.

According to The Huffington Post, the uncovering of the cheating scandal that plagued Atlanta Public Schools last year unveiled a widespread and deeply embedded culture of cheating, fear, intimidation and retaliation among the district’s educators. The teachers were afraid, reports showed, to be held accountable for students who performed poorly on standardized tests and subsequently be evaluated poorly, miss out on bonuses or contribute to their school and district’s inability to receive funding for meeting or exceeding federal benchmarks.

So maybe a little bribery won’t hurt. Do you think this is a teaching fail? Serve up your thoughts.

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