Airline says seatbelts are unnecessary on planes

IRELAND – First they charged extra for carry-ons, then to check your bags. One airline, Spirit, even charges to use the overhead storage bin. But the money-making schemes may have just crossed over the crazy line!

Irish airline Ryanair says, ‘Who needs seat belts? If the plane crashes, they won’t save you anyway.’

Now before you say, “What about those guys on ‘Lost’? They survived.”  Spoiler alert: they were dead the whole time.

So what do you do in turbulence without seat belts? Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary says, ‘Just hang onto the handle… you’ll be fine.’

FYI: his airline’s known for their bargain basement fares. O’Leary even suggested taking out ten rows of seats and offering Standing Room Only fares for one British pound, about $1.60.

Good luck getting any of this by air safety officials though; but that’s probably not the point.

See, O’Leary is infamous for spouting a bunch of blarney just to get publicity. Over the years, he’s talked about charging a fat tax for overweight passengers, getting rid of pilots and flying auto-pilot and even making folks pay to pee! None of it happened.

So don’t freak out about seat belt-free planes. Irishman O’Leary’s just searching for that next pot o’ gold!

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