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Reddit diagnoses man’s positive pregnancy test as cancer

WORLD – The comic strip tells the story best. Some bored, semi-cross-eyed dude was poking around in his medicine cabinet, when he discovered an unused pregnancy test left by an ex. For ‘…giggles,’ he went ahead and took the test.

Low and behold, it was positive!

The guy just kind of laughed-off the positive reading and later told a friend.  That guy, also thinking it was funny, made a comic strip about it and posted it on Reddit.

That may have been a life-saving move.

A bunch of people commented that this can be an indication of cancer! So the guy went to an oncologist, and sure enough — positive.

He’s probably going to lose his right testicle. But how nuts is this story?!

There’s probably a lesson here for us all. Take all medical concerns and anomalies to Reddit?

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