‘GIF’ named word of the year

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NEW YORK, NY -As Shakespeare might have put it ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.’

The word freaks at the New Oxford American Dictionary put it another way: To gif or not to gif.

The dictionary named ‘gif’ as its word of the year.

‘gif’, is the acronym for ‘graphic interchange format’, which turns 25-years-old this year.

The dictionary people chose gif as its word of the year because it has evolved into a tool with serious applications in research and journalism.

They also chose the verb tense, as in ‘to gif’.

By the way, the correct pronunciation of gif is ‘jif’. The original developers were paying homage to the peanut butter, because as we all know, choosy developers choose gif.

By the way, one of the runners-up was nomophobia. You may know it as the fear of not having your cell phone, as in ‘no mobile phone phobia.’ Yeah, that’s pretty scary boys and girls.