Meth may cure your flu

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – There’s nothing fun, or happy, or glamorous, or cool about smoking meth, my friend.

It kills your brain, it rots your teeth, it loads you up with poison that weakens your heart and other organs, and if you are still alive after, oh, say ten years, you probably wish you were dead.

So, is there even one redeeming value to meth?

A researcher in Taiwan thinks he and some other scientists at the National Health Research Institutes found one.

In an article published in an online, peer-reviewed journal, the researchers describe how they wanted to see how methamphetamine interacts with the influenza ‘a’ virus in the lungs.

Previous research suggests people addicted to meth can more easily contract HIV. These researchers wanted to see if meth use reduced resistance to the flu.

So, they exposed some lung cells to meth, then infected them with the H1N1 strain of human influenza. After about two days, the meth-treated cells had a lower concentration of the flu virus than the control group.

And, researchers discovered more meth significantly reduces, not increases the spread of the flu viruses.

Yeah, well, before you run out to your friendly neighborhood meth dealer, keep in mind that this is one study. And besides, which would you rather have?

A couple of weeks with the flu; or spending the rest of your miserable life sucking on a meth pipe or worse.

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  • Scarlett

    How stupid can researchers be sometimes?!!! All their test proved is that meth will kill anything it comes in contact with, even flu virus.

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