Doctor of the year caught drunk driving

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WELLESELY, MA – There has got to be a lot of pressure in being named Doctor of the Year.

It’s a title that comes with high expectations. For one:  sobriety, or at least not driving under the influence and creating a serious crash.

Video released by police shows emergency room Dr. Kirsten Howard from Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Cops say she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when she initiated some bumper car action in a Whole Foods parking lot, then busted into a fence, through a barrier, over a grassy knoll and straight into a car sitting at an intersection.

Everyone’s okay, but Dr. Howard’s future is looking a little rough.  She pleaded not guilty to a handful of charges, and she’s been relieved of patient care at Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

We hope she can make a quick recovery; but for now Dr. Howard definitely needs care for herself.