Former CIA director David Petraeus scheduled to testify

WASHINGTON, DC – We now know that former CIA director David Petraeus is used to two-timing, so testifying Friday before two congressional committees shouldn’t be a problem.

He is scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee about the Sept. 11 attack on the US consulate in Libya, and then head over to the Senate Intelligence Committee for some more of the same.

Those hearings come after the House and Senate Select Intelligence Committees held closed-door hearings today.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee so held a hearing on the Benghazi attack, which led to an attack on President Obama by Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher who out-and-out said the President lied about the events surrounding the death of the US ambassador and three other Americans.

“The arrogance and dishonesty reflected in all of this is a little bit breathtaking,” Rohrabacher said. “And it is about time that the president of the United States decides to level with the American people. Let’s find out the facts. Let’s not stonewall this issue and cover up mistakes as appears to be happening today.”

But New York Democrat Gary Ackerman said Congress is to blame for what happened. “I have listened to my colleagues talk about the president of the United States and others in the administration, using terms as ‘deliberate lies,’ unmitigated gall, malfeasance – which is the malicious and knowing evil doing; disgust, cover-ups. Asking questions of `who is responsible in this town for what happened?’  If you want to know who is responsible in this town buy yourself a mirror.”

Although the relationship between the general and his paramour is not the subject of Friday’s hearings, we have a pretty good idea that it will be on the minds of everyone in attendance.

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