United Airlines’ computer glitch delays flights

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CHICAGO, IL – Less than a week before Thanksgiving travel and some of you may want to buy United Airlines a holiday gift. How about a laptop, a PC, even an iPad for that matter? Anything would help.

United Airlines was having some issues with its computers today. Apparently its system crashed and for two hours dispatchers couldn’t send flight information to about half of United’s mainline flights.  Thousands of passengers were delayed.

This is the second major computer meltdown this year for United, although the airline says today’s issues had nothing to do with that merger with Continental. In any case, once the computer glitch was fixed, the station went back to normal.

United put out a statement saying fewer than 200 flights were affected. But come on! The Super-Bowl season of travel starts in a few days.

We just hope if one of your guests is late for dinner on Thursday, you don’t have to blame them.