Gargling sugar water may boost focus and self-control

ATHENS, GA – Everyone knows gargling with salt water can help a sore throat, but did you know gargling with sugar water can boost your focus and self control?

That’s what they’re saying at the University of Georgia. They did a test recently where folks were told to cross out the letter “e” from a book of statistics.

Boring, right? Well, before they started this snoozefest, people were asked to gargle for three to five minutes with either a glass of sugary lemonade or one with the artificial sweetener Splenda. The ones who had the real stuff completed their task significantly faster.

Maybe that’s what they call “sweet inspiration.”

In another test, folks were told to look at words flashing on a screen and say what color the letters were. Sounds easy, but sometimes the letters of the word were a different color from the word they spelled out. For example, the word “purple” might be spelled out in gold letters, so the answer would be “gold.”

A bit tricky… but the folks who gargled with the sugary drink got the answers right more than the Splenda group.

What’s all this prove? Not much, since the study only used 51 test subjects. But the researchers concluded sugar (even when you don’t eat or drink it) triggers the carb sensors on your tongue and those wake up your body and tell it to pay attention.

From that, they said gargling with sugar might even help you focus on goals like quitting smoking or losing weight.

Pretty sweet, right?

Just remember– it’s “gargling” with sugar that does it, NOT eating it.  The only thing that boosts is your waistline.

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