Long Island utility CEO resigning after Sandy

LONG ISLAND, NY – When it rains, it pours. Add Hurricane Sandy to the mix, and you’re left with one big soggy mess. The kind of mess Chief Executive of the Long Island Power Authority, Mike Hervey’s dealing with in New York.

Hervey must’ve been taking on too much water and now he’s getting the big squeeze. Hervey resigned from LIPA due to all the bad weather backlash. It’s been two weeks since the perfect storm paralyzed much of the Big Apple and nearly 50,000 Long Islanders are still without power.

So, a group of those powerless people had the bright idea to file a class-action lawsuit against the power authority, for its response (or lack thereof) to Hurricane Sandy.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is also jumping on the finger pointing bandwagon, announcing plans for a ‘special commission’ to investigate the utility company. An investigation into why the northeast doesn’t have power after a hurricane… hmm, wonder what they’ll find?

Hervey’s resignation goes into effect at the end of the year, which seems like just enough time for the hurricane hoopla to die down. Jeeze, tough break!

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