Anti-abortion rally in Ireland draws ten thousand

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DUBLIN, IRELAND – The chants of nearly 10-thousand people were heard through the streets of Dublin, Ireland following the death of 31-year old Savita Halappanavar. And now, Savita serves as a face to a cause 20 years in the making.

“You have done a wonderful thing today. That out of terrible tragedy, we may build a better future,” said Clare Daly, Irish Parliament member at the rally.

Savita’s husband says she died last month of blood poisoning after the doctors at Galway University Hospital allegedly refused to give her an abortion. Savita was 17-weeks pregnant when her family says she repeatedly asked the hospital for an abortion because she was in severe pain while suffering a miscarriage.

At best, Savita is the victim of Ireland`s unclear abortion laws.

In 1992, the Irish supreme court ruled that abortions should be legal in order to save a woman’s life, but the details were never ironed out, nor was the law ever put in place.

Twenty years later, protesters take a stand in the hopes that this never happens again.