Selena Gomez leaves Justin Bieber stranded outside her house

LOS ANGELES, CA – Over the weekend, the Biebs (A Canadian) won artist of the year at the American Music Awards. That’s wrong in so many ways, but it was his acceptance speech that left many viewers miffed when he took time to thank all the haters.

We’re pretty sure it was your fans and not the haters that got you there junior. Justin’s speech did come on the heels of a little love-spat with his on again off again counterpart Selena Gomez, so maybe that’s to blame?

Apparently the Biebs got together with Gomez Friday evening for a nice dinner, which turned into more of a dine and dash situation. Before the couple even ordered their food witnesses say the couple started fighting and Gomez stormed out of the restaurant, Bieber not far behind.

The Biebs booked it to Selena’s house, where the heartless harlot left him stranded outside of her security gate.

It’s like a modern day version of Romeo and Juliette.

So, what’s taking so long for Bieber and Gomez to get to the last act?

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