4 men charged in terror plot against Americans overseas

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Facebook can provide you and your friends with a timeline of your life. But it comes with responsibilities.

One hard and fast rule seems pretty simple, but we can’t say it too often: Don’t start hate groups, because others can be hurt, and nothing good can come from it.

At least that’s what the FBI says about four Los Angeles area guys charged with plotting to help terrorists kill American military personnel overseas. The feds claim three of the men planned to leave the US and train with al Qaeda and the Taliban.

And, one dude, an Afghani-born u-s citizen, apparently used Facebook to recruit and plan their dastardly deeds.

The FBI says one of them posted about his plans to take part in ‘violent jihad’ while chatting online with an FBI ‘online covert employee’.

The FBI says three of the guys exposed themselves and their plans on Facebook for more than a year.

Three of the suspects are in their early twenties, one is a US citizen. A fourth is in his thirties. He’s the naturalized US citizen from Afghanistan, who also served in the US Air Force prior to the Sept.11 attacks. And the feds say he’s the one at the center of plot.

Looks like this is a de-friending Uncle Sam is happy to do.