Letter at apartment complex targets Afro Americans

HOUSTON, TX  – The Rock Springs Apartment complex in southwest Houston is getting some unwanted attention thanks to a flier that no one is taking credit for, but which has upset a lot of people.
The flier, written in Spanish and English, asked residents of the complex to report all Afro-American teenagers or adolescents, along with ‘other suspicious people’ on the property.

A management representative, who did not want to appear on camera, said they had nothing to do with the flier, and suggested a disgruntled resident, or possibly a former resident, tacked it to a bulletin board in the laundry room.

Even though we tried, we could not find anyone at the predominately Latino complex who would talk with us. The only people with something to say lived across the street, like Jose Megia. ”Man I would like to see something done with those people, man, because I got my friends, you know, a whole bunch of black friends and I think it`s not cool, man. I think everybody`s equal. I don`t think about black, white, Hispanic.’

Of course, there is the possibility that whoever posted the flier was not referring to ‘African Americans’ but to ‘Afro-Americans’, you know, white guys who sport Afros. Think about it. Would you want these guys living next to you?

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