Child predators using texting apps to lure kids

JEFFERSON COUNTY, CO – You’ve seen the shows before of child predators getting busted trying to lure a kid or at least what they thought was a kid.

But in this all-digital age we’re living in, the danger is going from the computer to children’s cell phones. Most parents will say they check their children’s phone, but do they even know what they’re looking for? They probably don’t. And we know there’s an app for everything now-a-days, including texting.  Even if your child’s cell phone plan doesn’t include texting, there’s a loophole around that by using these texting apps.

Authorities say kids are downloading these apps and revealing TMI about themselves to complete strangers—that’s ‘too much information’ for those of you un-savvy with the texting lingo. The most popular apps are Text Free, Text Now and Text Plus.

It’s not uncommon for child predators to strike up a conversation and then ask for pictures and such.

So parents, think twice before getting your kid that smart phone they want for Christmas. And if you do, do your homework so you know what to watch out for!

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