Trucker freed from prison after wrong turn

EL PASO, TX – They say it takes a special breed to be a truck drivin’ man, but it also takes the ability to read a map and to stay out of Mexican jails.

Jabin Bogan of Dallas pretty much struck out all the way around. He’s back home now, after spending close to eight months in a Mexican prison.

He says he got lost in El Paso on his way to deliver 268,000 rounds of ammo to a customer in Phoenix, which is nowhere near Juarez where he ended up, in case you’re following at home.

He claims he missed a turn-around, then was told by a US border agent to drive his rig into Mexico, and then turn around and bring it on home.

Yeah, well, that’s when it all went south as Mexican authorities found the ammo and busted him for ammunition trafficking, which carries 30 years.

But an El Paso city council member, the mayor, and some other city representatives made a political issue out of it, and even got the NAACP involved, which seems to have worked because Mexico let him go on a lesser charge of possession of ammunition.

Now the question is whether his employer will keep him on, a guy who has trouble reading a map, and who not only lost a $100,000 shipment for a customer, but probably lost the company truck to the Mexican government.

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