Ghost are doling out advice at Hotel Galvez

GALVESTON, TX – It’s a little known secret that Galveston’s Hotel Galvez is thought to be haunted. Looks like the ghosts are earning their keep because one hotel employee says they’re doling out advice.

Jackie Hasan, the hotel’s concierge, says a spirit walked up to her one day while she was working at the hotel.

“This man appeared on the side of my desk,” Jackie said. “I didn’t know who he was or anything like that. All of a sudden, he just came out and told me what was in my mind, what I was thinking about, and how to solve it.”

Then Jackie says she turned to help out some hotel guests who had walked up.

“When I turned back to him, he said, “Look, I don’t have much time. The only thing I’m going to tell you is that we’ve been watching you, we like you and we’re going to help you,’” Jackie said.

“I said, ‘what are you talking about? Who are you?’” Jackie continued. “Some more people came up, and he said to help them. He had this Cheshire grin on his face. And I turned around to help them. And when I finished, I turned around and he was gone. I looked for him the entire weekend, and I couldn’t find him.”

So, the big question: did the advice work?

“Yes it did, yes it did,” Jackie said.

Don’t worry, Abby, your job is safe for now. That is, until ghosts learn to type.

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