Hurricane Sandy cost $71.3 billion in damages

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EAST COAST – The East Coast is in for a sticker shock. Hurricane Sandy came with a $71.3 billion price tag.

The state of New York is asking for $33 billion for repairs and restoration, and another $9 billion for flood prevention.

‘This state, and this region of the country, have always been there to support other regions of the country when they needed help. Well, we need help today,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo, (D) New York .

Get this, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says Hurricane Sandy took a $19 billion chunk out of the Big Apple.

Sandy may have hit the pocketbook, but it gave New Jersey governor Chris Christi’s approval rating a boost. His ratings went from 56% to 77%, mostly thanks to democrats. Perfect timing, since he just filed for re-election.

And now, he’s asking for $29 billion in federal aid for Sandy recovery.

For what it’s worth, 2005s Hurricane Katrina is still the reigning champ for the most expensive hurricane, coming in at $81 billion. Not that it’s a contest that anyone would want to win.