Website predicts top baby names for 2013

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USA – Move over Jayden and Ava, there’s a couple of new baby names on the horizon. has released its predictions of the top baby names for 2013.

Parents who are inspired by popular culture like movies and television shows will probably name their new babies after some of the characters in 2012’s blockbusters, like Thor from The Avengers, or Primrose from The Hunger Games.

Mad Men fans might opt for vintage nicknames like Hank, Ray or Millie.

Hurricane Sandy made big news in 2012, which may mean we’ll see more Sandy-esq names in the future, like Alessandra, Cassandra or Sander.

As for middle names, be prepared to see more non-names.  A cool new trend, according to the website, is for parents to use words with personal significance, like Ballerina or Frost.