To join this gym, you must exceed the weight limit

DALLAS, TX – A Dallas gym doesn’t cater to the fit, but proudly to the fat.

Your only way into Downsize Fitness, you must step on the scale.

This gym is only for the obese, those who need to drop at least 50 pounds.

The owners realized fitness clubs often scare away the people who need the most help.

Downsize Fitness member Latrice Irwin said, “I’ve looked at a gym before, but never actually joined, never felt comfortable working out with skinny people.”

But here, you can feel comfortable. The equipment is designed for the big. No mirrors and frosted windows all for privacy.

Even the trainers are relatable. Like Krisanne Hale who practices what she now preaches says, “I lost 115 pounds in about a year and I just know how it feels, I know how your joints feel.”

This gym is one of only three across the country. The owners figured Texas was a ripe market.

Downsize Fitness manager Michael Stout said, “Dallas is one of the cities that has the largest population of obese people and with that there’s a lot of health risks that come with it.”

Hopefully Houston will get one soon. We’ve all seen those people that definitely could use a gym like this one.

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