Arsonist arrested after returning to scene of the crime

HOUSTON, TX – File this next one under ‘World’s Dumbest Criminals.’

Michael Fuller, 19, is feelin’ the heat after getting booked on arson charges.

Investigators say earlier this month, he set not one, but two fires behind a strip center on Ella Boulevard.

You can see the damage left behind.

“So we run to the back, I see the smoke, so I opened the back door, and there were flames so we just put water on it, and the next day it happened again,” said store manager Leonce Cormier.

Turns out, Fuller had come back the very next day to do the same dirty deed; wearing the same dirty shirt.

Surveillance cameras caught him running from the scene.

“And I remembered he had the Michael Jordan symbol on his shirt and I said, ‘I passed that guy when I was going to the mailbox!'”

When Fuller showed up again to buy cigarettes and soda, the store manager confronted him and called police.

He was arrested right there in the store.

Fuller gave a full confession, apparently saying that he was “really messed up.”

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